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  1. Bobs

    Uma palavra: Espectacular! Por acaso, já tinha feito esta analogia com um grupo de amigos… e é realmente inu;;iacute&vel.Ali&aaccters, a analogia até era mais com o género feminino. Experimentem pensar no assunto :D:D

  2. Derex

    huysss, madre que me va hacer llorar y todo, que bonito que arte tiene el niño, no si al final, ejejeje ya veras, ejejejj me va sa salir poeta y to, como te quiero me has echo muy feliz con esta deocaatdrii, muaaaaak cuenta conmigo como madre y amiga, muaaaaak nene, besos muy grandes, y muchas gracias de nuevo por ser asi de cariñoso conmigo, muaaaaaaaaak

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    I'm obsessed more with vintage furniture than clothes but your blog is an inspiration – and now you've mentioned Philip Green's personality, I'm going to have to re-think the situation!


    Muchas felicidades a todas las participantes que nos acompañaron en este reto, Karlichis!! muchas felicidades por ser la ganadora, todos los proyectos están hermosos, las esperamos para el siguiente reto que estará padrisimooo, no se lo pueden perder!!

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    While reading this I couldn’t help but think of how fascinating I found your information about Freud’s dogs to be. Imagine, somewhere down the road, a relative finding the stories about Frankie… I say definitely get him on that branch!As a woman who has had kids, I can honestly say that my genealogy attempts have been for my own interest and curiosity, quite frankly, so you wouldn’t be the only woman wanting the information for herself, not because of the progeny KimT recently posted..

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    Found this a little more difficult than the usual monday offering but very enjoyable. Favourite clues were 9a,13a and 13d. 1a had me scratching head for a while as i originally put in Liverish thinking that 3d started with an ‘E’ (Oriental). **/**** rating for me. Thanx to Compiler and to Libellule for the review.

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    SOM-undersökningen gÃ¥r nog ut till ett tvärsnitt av befolkningen. Även jag misstänker att mängden “icke-svenskar” bland de som svarar blir allt fler. Därav den alltmer positiva bilden av “utlänningar”.I radions luncheko idag den 10 maj säger för övrigt en forskare frÃ¥n Göteborgs Universitet ungefär följande:Begreppet “svensk” har breddats. Att vara “svensk” i dag inte är samma sak som att vara “svensk” för 15-20 Ã¥r sedan.

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    I was more amused than anything when it turned out that Yoda sounded like Grover from Sesame Street. But it kind of worked out somehow and Frank Oz made Yoda turn out to be a fitting mentor for Luke.

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    I wish you had soem normal knives to sell so I could buy one that could be used to, say, clean something smaller than a cape buffalo. Don’t have a Puma White Hunter in there, or a Game Warden, do you?

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    Great list. We got mostly cash as I moved out at 17 so had a lot of stuff. I did love the nice china set we got. I got nice glasses too, but never really used them, so after a few years gave them to my mum, much to her excitement.

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    2 raisons a cela (nonobstant le fait qu’elles soient bonnes ou mauvaises);-les autres eleves europeens auraient moins d’heures de cours qu’en France, sans pour autant etre plus « bete »;-Si on ne remplace pas un depart a la retraite sur deux pendant 5 ans, pour des raisons budgetaires, fatalement au bout d’un moment il faut bien baisser la quantite de « services offerts » par l’Etat

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    Hallo Philipp,vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar Es freut mich, dass dir der Beitrag gefällt. Ja, ich finde auch, dass es recht wenige informative und aktuelle Quellen zum Thema gibt. Und ich war mir auch lange nicht so sicher, was denn nun eigentlich am sinnvollsten ist 🙂 Viele Grüße,Ellen

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    Dans 10 ans, je suis sûr qu’on va rire du iPhone avec la même conviction qu’on rit des premiers cellulaires des années 90 aujourd’hui. Mais pour aujourd’hui, je l’avoue, les gens qui ont un iPhone ont le droit de rire de ceux qui n’en ont pas! Oui oui, je l’avoues

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    Hi Kirk,Does the alt text attribute work in the header image? I have added alt text to my header image but my SEO analysis (I use Yoast) says there’s no alt text for the image.

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    Where is the real courage in defending Irving on bloodless, universalist, moralising, free speech grounds; knowing you'll get a pass from TPTB for good works past, present and future in service of the cherished cause; and always qualifying your support with the usual ooga-booga rhetoric including the notorious anecdote, in which we are asked to believe that some avuncular, old-fashioned advice proffered to the mother of Hitchen's child had the tough guy dry retching in his corn flakes at the horror, the horror…G Pinfold

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    Well, one of the werewolves “imprints” on a two year old. Although, I doubt that’s the sort of hot werewolf action you’re looking for.I really only kept reading the series for Jacob, but Meyer turns him into kind of an asshole. Or Bella turns him into kind of an asshole. Whatever. There were still lulz.

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    Hola Bea, leyendo lo que le escribiste a Sese no entiendo nada!! ¿Qué es currar? Para nosotros es una palabra del lunfardo, un tanto vulgar que significa robar, y ¿para Uds?Te cuento que aquí en Argentina casi todos los feriados los han pasado para lunes o viernes, de hecho recién hoy martes comenzamos a trabajar así que no tenemos que debatirnos entre salir o no de fin de semana largo, nos sacan y punto.Besitooo

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    aduh…………… panjang banget sihh tuh cerita kayaknya gw lebih suka komik serial cantik dech:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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    Field,Check this out, you may find it quite amusing.Elsewhere, did you see where Glen Beck was busted for his outrageous lie that he held George Washington's original inaugural address is his twitching little hands?

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    You look a treat in that jumpsuit! And how could you not be distracted with parcels and long chats with lots of friends! The wrap does kinda look like meat. You are way ahead of me, I'd be packing on the Thursday night. x

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    Thanks for inviting me over. I linked up and added your button to my party page so that my followers and I will remember to come back. You and your followers are invited to come and link up at on The party is open Friday-Wednesday each week. Hope to see you there!

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    I`m going to sound quite douchey, but you are not HotshotGG, thus finding out which champion HotshotGG prefers is irrelevant to which one YOU would prefer. Get them both, but keep in mind Orianna will be much weaker soon. That is to say she will be balanced.Also please remember not to eat Cactus if you have hemorrhoids. glhf!

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    If I understand you correct you’re talking about spondylolisis. Which is “the opposite of getting the injury from leaning or bending forward”. If it hurts even when you walk you should consider getting a back brace for maybe a month. If it’s not that bad. You need to get physiotherapy sessions done for 2-3 months which will include TENS, cold, and hot, so relax the spasmed muscles. In the meantime don’t hyperextend you back at all, hang to relax the spine, and do hamstring stretches.

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    "Il trapano Apollo della Black & Decker® utilizzato per 5 missioni lunari dall'Apollo; uno strumento progettato per rimuovere campioni dalla luna."Correttore di bozze: "Ma no cinque! Sono sei: aggiungici 1!"Impaginatore: "Ah, Ok!""Il trapano Apollo della Black & Decker® utilizzato per 15 missioni lunari dall'Apollo; uno strumento progettato per rimuovere campioni dalla luna."SuperLOL!

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    Ah les datacrons… Certains m’ont vraiment donné du fil à retorde, même avec certaines astuces sur le net.Sachant qu’avant la 1.2, un nombre incalculables de datas étaient buggés…Ceux de Hoth et Corellia avec les textures qui manquent…En particulier le +10 de la flotte coté République, alors que côté Empire, easy comme d’hab pour ces feignasses

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    For me, he’d written only “Good for comedy.” Geez.I consider comedy far harder to pull off, than drama. You should have considered it a compliment.  BGrigg

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    you were bad or anything was negative toward your family. God does call us to show followers of Him a right path if they veer. Which I did not do in my comment. I really would rather you pray for the Country at this tine. Thanks!

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    “Here’s to the crazy ones. The rebels. The troublemakers. The ones who see things differently. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.”Steve Jobs

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    ah, aujourd’hui c’était la séquence émotion…, la madeleine de Proust…Je reprendrais bien un de ces gâteaux « courts et dodus » avec un peu de thé… non ?

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    Ah, mister wobbly. I find that 20psi of boost or a firm twist of the throttle takes care of that issue quickly. As far as right/left lane etiquette, my time in Europe left it's mark on me. Stay on the right except when passing, or to allow vehicles to merge on to the interstate. Oh, or when passing stopped/broken down cars on the side of the road as well. My biggest problem is that the triple digit cruising speeds followed me home as well. . .

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    Bonjour,C’est avec grand plaisir que j’aimerais participer à ce 3ème salon et, pourquoi pas ?, faire une démo. Comme c’est une première pour moi, puis-je avoir plus d’infos pour cette démo (type de recette, temps de démo…) ? Merci d’avance.A bientôt !Magali Kunstmanndu blog Mag’cuisinede Boissy Saint-Léger (94) mais bas-normande de naissance et de coeur

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    May 14, 2011 at 8:37 amPersonally, I’m so grateful that you’re still doing the daily Tarot. I love your perspective, it helps a lot when I’m reading for myself. When I’m reading for others, things come intuitively and the reading just flows. I still use your old columns at ElsaElsa as reference. Reply

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    Bien sûr que l’on fait des progrès, et comme tu le dis, l’important c’est déjà d’arriver à tenir le cap des 52 semaines en photo ! Il y a des semaines avec et des semaines sans, on est pas des machines non plus .

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    kalau sume pembikin filem cite melayu kat malaysia ni wat cite y hanya layak di panggil SAMPAH camni, alamatnye mmg x ke mane la industri filem kat malaysia ni.. ni la namenye wat filem ikut selera sndiri.. afdlin syok sendiri!!

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    En efecto, D. Rafael, hay dos cosas en este país que actúan de "valla quitamiedos" para que no venga un Tsipras y les pegue un susto, La Ley Electoral y la Monarquía.Cuando superemos esos dos tabues (no se si lo he escrito bien) andaremos en el buen camino.Saludos.

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    Hey Rolly, it looks like its just you and me holding the fort today – everyone else must be on Easter Holiday.I didn’t notice the price when I first looked at the pics, now I’m not so sure what the Worst part is, the price or the turd like ornament.

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    Pas mal le Berdych-Mahut. Karim, après relecture le plus gros reproche que je peux faire à ce texte, c’est qu’il est trop court. Comme d’hab, on en veut plus !

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    Vive le surf !!!! Je me suis toujours dit que je réessaierai, mais c’est dur de se motiver quand on est toute seule, sans personne pour nous pousser aux fesses 😀 Avec les copines, c’est plus rigolo !

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    A lot of folks here are talking about “if only people would spend more of their money, that would save the economy.” What the economy actually is needs is more production – more goods, i.e. more real wealth injected into the system in the form of ‘goods produced but not consumed.’ That represents real savings and wealth, compared to paper money, and is the real basis of a thriving economy. Spending by consumers qua consumers is the end of the line, not the source.

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    Estimado biol. Federico Kopta: Quisiera saber por este medio. Si en concreto existe -un ley para la erradicacion especie “Siempre Verde”, ya que espinillos o talas que bajo su sombra nacen, terminan muriendo. La Municipalidad deRio Ceballos, multa por la extraccion de toda especie arborea, Y no quisera ser penalizado por ello. Agradezco cualquier informacion al respecto.

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    wmeyer: degenerating into a democracy? How about just degenerating? At least in a democracy, there is some hope that an intelligent populace is informed and interested enough in contributing to their self government (at least in theory) that reasoned discourse and measured decisions can be made in a spirit of commonweal (at least in theory…).Sadly, not much hope.

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    – Wishing you all the best for next year, Tamara! It’s always great to go back to the roots of what you love the most and reinvent the passion for it. Exciting times ahead for you, lady! x

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    ¿Mojado en cerveza?. ostras, yo es que suelo mojar en chocolate o café con leche, pero no quiero que me digan que soy una estrecha, si hay que mojarlo en cerveza pues se moja, faltaría!, aunque dudo mucho que se me ponga duro tiene una pinta estupenda y seguro que voy a la despensa tantas veces como trocitos tenga el pan.Me ha gustado muchisimo, además tengo cortezas de naranja y limón recien confitadas que piden receta ya mismo.Un beso

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    then done, to make a long story short I’m almost 30 and I never actually been on a proper date. I have read the book “The Perks of being a Wallflower,” but have heard of it. Oh I love rain, the other day my aunt told me that rain is like the souls in purgatory being forgiven by our Lord, Jesus Christ and entering Heaven so let it rain YES! In high school, I was a shy, studious perfectionist girl, enough said. I’m glad you had a wonderful weekend, Aidan! God bless

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    “The demonstration is NOT an assertion of racism, but of liberation”Oh dear…Israeli’s are not liberated in the state especially carved out of Palestine as a sanctuary from everything it has since visited on the people of Palestine so that Jewish folk could be liberated? AMAZING!!

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    a) dude. a-MEN (pun intended) about the whole non-cleaning caregiver for a husband thing. what *is* it about hanging out with the kid for a whole day that negates their ability to wipe the freaking kitchen counter off? throw garbage away? etc.?b) you got out! sweet!c) can I borrow the cross-whittling pattern when you’re done with it? please and thank you. :p

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    ça y est, tu l’as fait!je m’y suis essayé aussi, mais me suis heurté à une question qui du coup entrave ma démarche: comment a procédé Arthur H pour s’inspirer du poème de Gherasim Luca sans pour autant employer la « méthode » du pastiche?… J’hésite…

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    against The Apartment. Should I hear of anyone profaning it, I will send in my Cinema Angels – a misnomer if ever there was one – who will rip the head from the sorry blasphemer’s scrawny neck and hurl it into eternal darkness.Oh, did I mention it’s quite simply my favourite film of all time?


    à®®ானமிà®°ுந்தால் வெà®±ி பிடித்த நீதிபதிஉடனே பதவி விலக வேண்டுà®®்.அவருக்கு à®®ானமில்லை என்à®±ால்,à®®ானமுள்ள பாà®°ாளுமன்றம் அவரை வீட்டிà®±்கு அனுப்ப வேண்டுà®®்.உச்ச நீதி மன்றந்தான்,ஆனால் à®…à®™்கு உட்காரத் தகுதியிà®°ுக்க வேண்டுà®®்,நாணயமுà®®்,நா நயமுà®®் இருக்க வேண்டுà®®்.சவரம் செய்யுà®®் சகோதரர்கள் இவரை ஏற்à®±ுக் கொள்ள à®®ாட்டாà®°்கள்.

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    I am sorry about the pain. I hope the appointment will deliver answers and most importantly comfort – both physically and emotionally.I hate ignorant doctors for all of us! I am glad you make this step.

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    Cześć Oliwko! To wierszyk dla Ciebie:)Toczy siÄ™ po stole, nieksztaÅ‚tne, byle jakie.Niepotrzebne nikomu i nie warte ani grosza.To coÅ› do … niczegoale Twoje wÅ‚asne.pozdrawiamANITA

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    Hi Shaniya…i have uploaded the 3rd lidty cutoffs on BMM 2009 CUTOFFS section on my blog..You can follow that…I doubt in HINDUJA though…But yes there is one more list to come out on the 26….Even SIES SION seems to bbe doubtful…..And well KHALSA could be 50-50 as of now….what was the cutoffs for khalsa in the 3rd list???

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    Cheguei atrasdo ao programa, porque São Paulo estava com 212 Km de congestionamento. Algumas outras vezes me atraso também, primeiro porque moro longe e antes de ir para a TV, vou para os hospitais. Para o futebol brasileiro é importante uma vitória do Santos e para acabar com essa hegemonia atual de só se falar no Barcelona. Vou torcer para o Santos e para o Neymar.

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    Ik herken steeds meer in je stukjes. Mijn ware innerlijke aard heeft luid en krachtig geprotesteerd maar is daarna bezweken onder geweten, sociale druk, conformisme. Hoe kan een mens sterk genoeg zijn om èn goed voor zichzelf te zijn èn voor zijn/haar belangrijke naasten? Hoop dat 2008 antwoorden brengt! Een gelukig nieuwjaar!

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    I love the quote by Carter Hayward. It is so true. Humility is a divine trait. Being opinionated, I don’t believe, is.Ah, you’re giving me a lot to think about, here, Sandy. Thank you.A blessed Christmas to you.

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    I love this topic because it is something that my husband and I were just talking about. We have an old dog and a recent accident made us face his mortality and think about when he will go. My husband asked me if I knew of anything that could help him be more comfortable with death. A practice like Sal’s would definitely radiate out to all the other situations we encounter about death. thanks for the though provoking words!

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    Thanks for the comment! It’s Sven, right? :)The Google Reader folder grouping is indeed something that is missing from almost all Google Reader widgets for Android today. Thanks for sharing the GoodNews info.A question: does GoodNews have a widget, or is one in the works?Thanks again!

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    Aimee Jorani Very helpful post. I deleted my personal facebook account that was linked to an older business page. I opened up a new business page directly and find using it like this a little more problematic. I am hoping you can help. 1. I didn’t mean to link my notes page to my business page, so I am not able to write any notes, is there a way to reverse this? 2. When I comment directly on a page that I liked, my name does not show up, there is no image and name to my post. How can I change this? Thank you.

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    i check the date on cell phone and use my office table calendar for times when i need to see certain days for scheduling etc!calendars are special these days because we sent both sets of grand parents personalized photo calendars with Cubby's photos with them!so now its time to sit and sift thru hundreds of photos and get them calendars made! :)cheers!abha

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    …2 = you're right, pal… hey, Tim: I'm deeeeeep right now into Eugen Dombois' S.L. Weiss on Philips Seon… lute is really THE instrument which gives balance to life and its ups and downs…Always in debt with you;-)The best of WE to you and dears…

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    Another earthquake 70 miles west of Caracas, Venezuela just reported; magnitude 6.3 at 3:06PM, EDT. This one was shallow (10 km) and the shallow-focus quakes do the most damage. That’s the same general vicinity as last week’s quake.Hugo must really be rockin’ lately! I pray for the people affected, not him.

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    junior faculty may be working less in their UNIVERSITY OFFICE. but how many of them are putting long hours in their HOME OFFICE? good or bad, but in the world of DSL, many have chosen to work at home.

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    The blankets are gorgeous! My son and his wife are expecting a baby boy due in November. The blanket, either color, would be a beautiful family heirloom for generations yet to come.

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    Minecraft jest grÄ… pÅ‚atnÄ…!! Tu nie mam konta „premium”. Kupujesz grÄ™, a nie jakieÅ› ulepszenie, jest pirat i gra, a nie „premium” i „bez premium”, okreÅ›lenie to wymyÅ›liÅ‚y je*ane piraty żeby czuć siÄ™ lepiej.

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