What Is A Modified Shipping Container?

Shipping containers are extremely versatile, while being strong and portable meaning they are regularly now being used for a range of uses outside of transport and storage. They are fitted out with innovations in design to meet greater needs than an accessorised standard container can provide. They can meet a number of uses for home, storage or for work on site.

Why Is A Modified Shipping Container Useful?

To read more about just some of the types of modified shipping container’s we have already designed click on one of the Learn More links below.

Site Office Shipping Containers

A base for commumications is essential on most construction sites, and a portable site office container is ideal for this application. Custom designed to your requirements, Shipping Containers can build you what you need to organise your operations

  • Sizes: 20′ and 40′ site office shipping containers available.

  • Usage: Comfortable and secure site office for construction sites.

  • Popular Optional Accessories: PA Door, Security Windows, Fixed Desks, Shelving, Air Conditioning, Power Pack.

Dangerous Goods Storage Containers

If you need to store hazardous goods then our dangerous goods storage containers are a neccessity. Built to Austrailan standards, our dangerous goods storage containers feature a bunded floor with release valve, air vents and and internal safety handle.

  • Sizes: 10′ and 20′ dangerous goods storage containers available.

  • Usage: Stores hazardous goods safely and securly.

  • Popular Optional Accessories: Heavy Duty Spark Free Shelving, Custom Safety Signage, Whirlybirds.

Portable Workshop Shipping Containers

Increase productivity on your worksite with a customised portable workshop. We can build your dream workshop to your specifications and delivery it to your site so you can get working asap. A range of accessories are available and can be installed upon request.

  • Sizes: 20′ and 40′ workshop containers available.

  • Usage: On-site transportable workshop for construction purposes.

  • Popular Optional Accessories: Roller Doors, Security Windows, Heavy Duty Workbench, Shelving, Container Ramps, Power Pack, Gantry Systems.

Accommodation Unit Containers

Our accommodation container range is a practical solution to house employees is industries such as mining and construction. Use as temporary or permanent dwellings, and are stackable to maximise accommodation space. Our accommodation containers can be customised to suit your requirements.

  • Sizes: 20′ and 40′ accommodation shipping containers available.

  • Usage: Comfortable and secure accommodation for temporary/permanent living.

  • Popular Optional Accessories: Glass Slider Door, Windows Shutters, Kitchenette, Ensuite, Air Conditioning, Power Pack, Insulation.

Ablution Block Shipping Containers

Our portable ablution blocks come in a range of sizes and can consist of a number of toilets, urinals, basins, change tables, showers and benches. We have a variety of pre-designed ablution units available or we can design one to suit your application.

  • Sizes: 10′, 20′ and 40′ site ablution shipping containers available.

  • Usage: Portable and hygenic toilet amenities for your worksite or event.

  • Popular Optional Accessories: Exhaust Fans, Custom Signage, Hot Water System, Heaters, Soap Dispenser.

Training / Simulation Containers

These containers are specifically designed to train staff in mining and emergency services. The purpose of these training containers is to simulate a rescue scenario. It is fitted with numerous wall partitions and entry points, including a roof mounted entry hatch for abseil excercises.

  • Sizes: 10′, 20′ and 40′ training containers available.

  • Usage: Simulate rescue scenarios in training excercises

  • Popular Optional Accessories: Custom Paint & Signage, Access Hatches, Ladders, Wall Partitions.

Lunch Room Containers

Often called ‘crib-rooms’ our portable lunch rooms provide the essentials needed for staff to have an enjoyable lunch break. Fitted with a kitchenette and lunch tables, these units are practical and comfortable.

  • Sizes: 20′ and 40′ lunch room containers available.

  • Usage: Containerised lunch room amenities for worksites.

  • Popular Optional Accessories: PA Doors, Windows, Zip Hot Water System, Air Conditioning, Vinyl Flooring, Shelving.

Shipping Container Shelters

Our shipping container shelters are used to maximise storage space betwwen shipping containers. Our container shelters are fully relocatable, easy to install and dismantle, water proof and wind rated up to 300km/hr plus. They can be used to cover allmost anything. End wall options also available.

  • Sizes: Multiple sizes available – request an online quote.

  • Usage: Additional storage space between containers.

  • Popular Optional Accessories: Partial and Full End Walls, PA Doors, Toprail Systems, Shelter Branding, Lighting.