Lunch Room Shipping Containers

A construction site needs a lunch room for it’s workers to be able to sit and enjoy there meal during lunch breaks. Shipping Containers design and construct lunch rooms from modified shipping containers. Lunch rooms, also called ‘crib rooms’, are compact and transportable and are available in 20′ and 40′ sizes. As our lunchrooms are made from shipping containers, they are strong and secure and can be customised to suit your needs. They are usually fitted with insulated panelling, lights and power, fixed tables, chairs and kitchenette. They can also be fitted with optional extras such as air conditioning, PA doors, windows and a range of other accessories available for installation (see our container accessories page).

Lunch Room Container Modifications

Our lunch room container is just another example of the types of modifications Shipping Containers is able to produce for its customers. Adding a lunch room to your construction site allows your staff to stay on site during breaks. With the inclusion of a site office and ablution block, you can create a total worksite solution for all your needed amenities. If you need a shipping container modifed to your specifications, give Shipping Containers a call on 1800 006 162.

Our portable lunch room specifications:

  • 20’ unit or 40’ units available

  • Insulated panels (optional)

  • Fixed tables and benches

  • Kitchenette

  • Electrical fitout

Additional Accessories:

  • Zip hot water system

  • Vinyl flooring

  • Security windows

  • Personnel doors

  • Shelving for supplies

  • Air conditioning

Shipping Container Products

For more information on our shipping container products, click on the above links. Alternatively, call one of our sales team on 1800 006 162 or fill in our Instant Online Quote. We also offer 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers.

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