Simulation / Training Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers have developed a specialised confined space training container which is used to simulate search and rescue scenarios to help educate employees in the emergency and mining sectors. The confines space container is fitted with multiple wall partitions and entry points, including a roof mounted entry hatch. The platform on top of the container has abseil points and safety railing. The exterior of the shipping container is painted white with all safety railing painted yellow. The interior is painted jet black to simulate a mine shaft or confined space with low visability. The unit is also fitted with air vents to release smoke if used in a fire safety excercise.

Specialised Modified Containers

Our confined space training container is a good example of the types of modifications Shipping Containers is able to produce for its customers. We can modify a shipping container to suit any individuals needs, to construct functional innovative products that our competitors are unable to produce. If you need a shipping container modifed to your specifications, give Shipping Containers a call. Our modifications team love a challange, so call us today on 1800 006 162.

The Confined Space Training Container features:

  • 20’ unit (pictured) or 40’ units available

  • Multiple wall partitions

  • Multiple entries: 2 x PA doors, front double doors, side crawl hatch, 3 x internal doors, top access hatch

  • Side vents for smoke release

  • Top mounted landing area

  • Abseil points and reinforced gussets

  • Safety railing and self closing safety gates

  • Jet black interior paint for low-vis simulation training

  • Mounted heavy duty ladder

  • Easily disassembled for transport

  • Custom built to required specifications

  • Australian Made

Shipping Container Products

For more information on our shipping container products, click on the above links. Alternatively, call one of our sales team on 1800 006 162 or fill in our Instant Online Quote. We also offer 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers.

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