Furniture Removalists – You pack, We move!

Forget convential removalist methods, they’re stressful and cost a fortune. Try Shipping Containers Container Removals! It’s a stress free cost effective alternative to furniture removalists and is flexble to meet your needs. Call us for a great deal on your container removals.

So how does Shipping Containers move your belongings?

It’s simple, we deliver a shipping container for you to pack at your own leisure, the way you want your items to be packed. Once you have packed your removals container we will collect it and deliver the container to your new destination where you can take as long as you need to unpack – no rush, no stress. We will then come to collect the container when you have finished with it.

Container Removals Sizes

We have a range of sizes available in general purpose storage containers and high cube storage containers. Choose from either a 6m or 12m shipping container, or order multiple containers if needed.

  • 6m Removals Container
    This unit can hold the contents of a small to medium two or three bedroom home or is ideal for the secure storage of a small car or boat.
  • 12m Removals Container
    This unit can hold the contents of a large four or 5 bedroom home or a small car and boat, or a combination of these.

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Container Removals Quote

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Shipping Container Products

For more information on our shipping container products, click on the above links. Alternatively, call one of our sales team on 1800 006 162 or fill in our Instant Online Quote. We also offer 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers.