Shipping Container Accessories

Shipping Containers can customise your shipping container to your specifications. We give you the option to add specialised shipping container accessories that we have developed to give your shipping container additional functionality other than storage. As well as adding an aesthetically pleasing look to your shipping container, these innovative container accessories will also help retain the value of your modified container. Below you can find some of the accessories that we can install into your modified shipping container by our engineering team.


Our Accessories Include


Security Lock Box

Keep the contents of your shipping container safe and secure by installing a high strength container security lock box. Once fitted, the steel housing protect your padlock from being tampered with making it impossible to be cut with bolt cutters.



Installing a whirlybird will dramatically reduce the build up of heat inside of your shipping container.



Vents increase air circulation inside your shipping container.


Custom Paint / Re-paint

Giving your second hand shipping containers a fresh coat of paint will make it look brand new. Select from a range of standard colour or we can paint your container to a specifica colour.


Container Signage

Are you a company that freights products across the country? Why not brand your container and get maximum exposure. We can apply signage to your container to comply to your corporate identity.


Container Door – Single

We can install additional doors to your shipping container for extra access. Our single container doors are perfect for ease of access.


Container Door – Double

Additional double container doors can also be installed in the opposite end or side of your container for easy loading of bulky goods.