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Shipping Containers offer premium shipping containers for sale and hire that can be delivered directly to your door, anywhere in Australia. Our shipping container depots located across the country hold new and used stock, chances are there’s one near you. We have containers ready for dispatch and guarantee fast delivery by one of our specialised container transport vehicles. Depending on the size of the shipping container, and the access to your site for delivery, we can deliver your shipping container tilt tray, side loader, flat bed or Hiab transporters.


Delivery Options Available


Tilt Tray Container Transporter

Our tilt tray shipping container transporters come in a range of sizes depending on your purchased container. We commonly use a 20′ tilt tray transporter which allows us to transport one 20′ shipping container, or two 10′ shipping containers. We also have an optional 20′ trailer that attaches to the 20′ tilt tray transporter that allows for an additional 20′ shipping container. We can also arrange a 40′ tilt tray transporter if requested, though a 40′ side loader is often prefered when transporting larger shipping containers. Site access will need to be discussed before arranging transportation of your shipping container.


Side Loading Container Transporter

Side loader transporters are used to transport our 20′ and 40′ shipping containers. This method of delivery is best suited where there is limited space in front or behind where the container is to be located. The container is offloaded onto the ground on the drivers’ side of the vehicle. When the container is unloaded it lands between the two out rigger feet of the side loader, parallel to and approximately half a metre from the side of the truck. One of our sales team will discuss access to your site before delivering your container. It is important to use the right truck to deliver your container.


Hiab Container Transporter

A Hiab Transporter is a truck mounted crane which is normally used to deliver where there is limited space in front or behind the truck where the container is to be located. It is also the best way to position a container at an angle to the delivery truck or up on a platform/raised area, over colourbond/chain wire fences etc. The truck can off load the container to either side or the rear of the truck. A Hiab Transporter can deliver 10′, 20′ or 40′ containers, though it is best to talk to one of our sales team about this delivery method before ordering your container. For more information call 1800 006 162.


Flat Bed Container Transporter

This transport vehicle is usually a cheaper option of delivery, though a forklift or crane is needed to remove the container from the vehicle when it has reached the drop off location (this is not arranged by Shipping Containers). A flatbed transporter can transport 10′, 20′ and 40′ shipping containers. We only recommend this option if you have the equipment needed to off-load the shipping container from the flat bed transporter. One of our sales team will discuss this option if requested and will detail the advantages and disadvantages of this transport method.

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