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If you need a Dynamite Storage Drum, Shipping Containers are the best of the best in designing and constructing purpose-built new Shipping Container Drums for storage of dynamite (and its many accessories such as detonators) in a safe and secure environment without the risk of damage, fines and severe penalties.

We have 10′ and 20′ dynamite storage drums for sale which are manufactured to store Class 3 goods and are designed to meet the highest level of Australian Standards for Dynamite Storage. Store your dynamite in a temperature controlled environment with optional accessories such as insulation, extra ventilation and air contioning.

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Side Opening Dynamite Storage Drum

Other than our standard 10′ and 20′ dynamite storage drum shipping containers, we also offer 20′ side opening dynamite storage drums. These units have an additional set of bi-folding side doors which make it easier to load your materials.

Dynamite storage drum features:

  • Perfect for explosive, detonator and ammunition storage

  • All magazines are constructed to AS2187.1-1998

  • Solid construction

  • Large range of sizes

  • Portable

  • Fully insulated

  • Safe and secure

  • Australian Made

Additional accessories include:

  • Pallet Trolley

  • Rail System

  • Ramps

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