Do you have goods you need to ship or store that require a constant ambient temperature? The likelihood is that you need an insulated shipping container. Not to be confused with a refrigerated shipping container, an insulated container maintains a level temperature, but doesn’t cool. They are able to be used for domestic and international transport.

What Is An Insulated Shipping Container?

An insulated shipping container is usually a refrigerated shipping container whose motor is no longer operational. Rather than destroy the container or fit it for a new motor, it is decommissioned and becomes an insulated shipping container.

Insulated shipping containers provide an optimal environment for goods that require a steady temperature. They can be used for pre-cooled goods going short distances with success, or for standard goods that do not require ongoing cooling. They have also been successfully used for studio and small home accommodation.

Should you be purchasing with accommodation in mind, our expert team of engineers and designers are available to support your build. Allowing full customisation and a range of modifications. Our wide range of accessories means you will be able to create your ideal insulated shipping container.

Quality Shipping Containers

If you’re after a quality shipping container, we’ve got you covered. We can deliver 10, 20 or 40 inch insulated shipping containers Australia wide. Available in various grades from new to used, our insulated containers are suitable for food storage, perishable goods storage, environmental testing, domestic & commercial storage.

Should you require us to modify a general purpose container or high-cube container to be insulated, we can facilitate this too. We are Australian owned and with a commitment to providing the perfect container solution for our clients, you’re guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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