Buying Shipping Containers in Murwillumbah

Being a little remote, it can sometimes be difficult to arrange the delivery of small things, let alone something as big and bulky as a shipping container. But with the help of Shipping Containers Australia, no location across the country is too out of the way.

Whether you’d like a container as a garden shed, a worksite cool room, extra accommodation on your property for added income, or to ship and store as originally intended, we will advise you on your options and set you up with the perfect container. If we don’t have what you need in stock, rest assured that we have the resources and experience to construct it just for you!

Buy or Hire, New or Used

Hiring a container through Shipping Containers Australia can start out at under $4 a day! So, depending on your circumstances and how long you’ll need it for, this can sometimes be the more cost-effective solution. However, this isn’t always the case, as our prices are very competitive!

You can also save money with a used container, but this doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice in quality. All of our containers, both new and used, go through strict health checks in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. There’s also a wide range of pre-modified containers which could just suit any specific needs you may have, without the added cost of further customisation.

Speedy Delivery Australia-Wide

With depots in every capital city, as well as teams of highly experienced drivers, there’s no question as to whether we can deliver to your area. The only question is whether we’ll be able to do it in under 24 hours! Provided you’re not too far from civilization, it’s a timeframe we like to stick to, and it will never take us too much longer than that. Even if you have lots of obstructions on your land, we have the specialist equipment to deliver quickly and easily, anywhere in Australia.

For further advice, or to get your ideal container in the works, contact us today on (07) 3198 6697!