Moving house? Need temporary storage or office space? Perhaps you’re looking to build an inexpensive and unusual home. There are many great uses for shipping containers, these are just some of the versatile ways in which they can be used. If you’re looking to buy a shipping container for any purpose, you may have been hunting down a shipping container for sale price list.

How Much Does A Shipping Container Cost?

It isn’t always necessary to purchase a shipping container. Hiring is also a viable choice depending on your needs. However for those wanting repeat use or access to a container, purchasing is a great option. The cost of a shipping container varies depending on a number of factors such as:

  • Age of container
  • Condition of container (damaged, rusted or like new)
  • Size of container
  • Purpose of container (refrigerated, modified etc)

When well cared for your shipping container can last for over twenty years. Making them a valuable (and useful) purchase.

Purchasing A Shipping Container

The best way to source a well-priced, well-maintained shipping container is to contact Shipping Containers. As our name suggests, we are Australia’s premier supplier of new and used shipping containers. We stock containers in all sizes for all purposes.

Our friendly and expert team can walk you through selecting the appropriate container, both for intended purpose and within the provided budget. We will then arrange delivery – Australia wide. We can also arrange insurance for shipment as required.

Why Choose Us?

Making your experience as easy and pleasant as possible is our goal. No matter your shipping container query, we can help. From sourcing to purchasing, delivery, modifications and more – our team are the experts.

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