We all know shipping containers are heavy and built to last, but what exactly are they made of? The earliest examples of containers were made of wood and then iron, nowadays they are most commonly made of steel.

What Makes A Shipping Container?

Along with steel, shipping containers often contain components made of aluminium is also or fibre-reinforced polymer. Sometimes a combination of all three materials is used. The type of steel used is known as corten or weathering steel.

This steel is used for the corrugated walls, the frame, crossbeams and doors of a container. Corten steel, a steel alloy, is used in part because it does not need painting. Another benefit of corten steel is that it is easily weldable for building and repairs of containers and it is rust-resistant.

Components Of A Shipping Container

Far from just a steel box, shipping containers are manufactured with unique features such as:

Corner Castings have openings for twist-lock connections which provide anchor points for securing the containers or connecting them together. It also allows them to be lifted by crane rigging if needed.

Twist Locks to connect and anchor containers to each other or their transport.

Forklift pockets for ease of movement, containers have reinforced forklift pockets along their bottom edge.

CSC Plate This plate indicates the container meets The International Convention for Safe Containers. Aimed at ensuring all containers are structurally sound.

Plywood or bamboo flooring internally, containers will have marine resistant flooring installed either plywood or bamboo. These floors are usually infused with an insecticide to prevent unwanted stowaways.

As you can see, shipping containers are much more than they appear at first glance. While they are relatively simple structures, they are incredibly strong and versatile.

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