Shipping containers are incredibly versatile, able to be used for a whole host of reasons. From their original intended purpose as shipping crates to cafes, portable offices and unique housing to storage – there is virtually no limit.

The inescapable fact is though, that they are large and seriously heavy, so where can you store a shipping container?

Storing A Shipping Container

It stands to reason that unless you have space to store a shipping container, no matter its function, you shouldn’t own or rent one, right? There are in fact container yards that exist purely for the purpose of storing your shipping container when not in use. The monthly fees for this can vary, though the upside is that your container will be stored correctly to maximise its lifespan and reduce the chance of water leaks.

Can I Store A Container At My Property?

Should you have ample space at your home or work premises you can absolutely store your container there. However, you should check with your local council regarding any applicable ordinances. Some councils will have restrictions on the size of containers permitted in residential zones and also the duration they may remain there.


The team at Shipping Containers can help deliver and settle your container in the designated space. They can also advise on the best practice to keep your container functional in all weather. Ideally, you should store your container on a prepared surface that is level and firm. Should you store your container on a soft surface such as dirt or grass, it may sink into the soil. When this happens you may face issues with opening the doors and with water ingress.


Should you need advice on where to store your shipping container or want to buy a container, call Shipping Containers today on 1800 006 162.