So you’re in the market for a shipping container, and there are just so many choices. If you’ve found yourself wondering ‘which shipping container should I get?’ there are some ways to narrow it down.

Types Of Containers

The first step in choosing a shipping container is to understand exactly what types of containers there are. You can choose from:

  • General-purpose or ‘dry container’
  • Flat rack containers, these have collapsible sides
  • Open top containers
  • High cube containers for added height
  • Double door containers which can be opened from both ends
  • Open side containers which have doors on the end and side
  • ISO Reefer containers for shipment of temperature-sensitive or perishable cargo
  • Insulated container, similar use to the ISO Reefer
  • Half-height containers, popular for use in the mining industry
  • Tank containers for liquid materials
  • Swap body containers, these cannot be stacked and are only for road or rail transportation.

Containers also come in a range of sizes, typically 10’, 20’ or 40’ so there is always a suitable size for your needs.

Uses For Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are much more versatile than most people realise, they can be used for much more than shipping. They are also great as:

  • Portable site offices
  • Boutique accommodation
  • Backyard studio or granny flat
  • Moveable cafe
  • Instant shed or on-site storage
  • Alternate home building material (eco friendly)

And so much more.

Know The Purpose, Buy Or Rent With The Best

Whether you know exactly the right container for your needs, or require some guidance, Shipping Containers can help. We offer hire, sales and modification of shipping containers for delivery Australia wide.

We also specialise in the modification of containers, with custom building available and handled by a team of expert designers.

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