How to Buy Shipping Containers in Bunbury

If you’ve decided that a shipping container is the right investment for your current project, you may be wondering what the next step is. It could be tempting to search online for the best bargain, but this might result in a product that isn’t all it was advertised to be, or needs some costly DIY work. And if the seller doesn’t deliver, or can’t provide any modifications you might need, it could end up being more expensive than buying or hiring from a large company.

This is why it’s always best to find specialists who guarantee quality, offer a wide variety of styles and accessories, and charge competitive, upfront prices.


The Benefits of Choosing Shipping Containers Australia

At Shipping Containers Australia, our 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft containers are available to buy or hire, new or used, in any style you could possibly require. If you’re intending to use them for their original purpose – transport or storage – then choose from options like general purpose, flat rack, high cube, open top, side opening, refrigerated or insulated, depending on your needs.

For all other purposes, such as business fronts or accommodation, our range of accessories is virtually limitless. From paint jobs and shelving, to electrical outputs, phone lines and bathrooms, we have access to the largest modification centre in the country, and the specialisation to construct anything you can dream up!

Call Us for Expert Advice and Guidance

Just as big brands such as Boral, BHP, Qantas, and Coca Cola recommend our services, we’re confident that you will too. We’ve worked on plenty of large scale commercial projects, like retreats and concert stages, but we also love to help with personal passion projects. Our manufacturers build containers for every purpose, every day, and our dedicated drivers deliver all over Australia – often within 24 hours of purchase!

So if you need expert guidance on your next steps, call us today on 0414 371 155 to learn how easy it can be to get your ideal container!