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The Many Uses For Shipping Containers

If you’ve ever seen cargo ships laden with shipping containers, it’s quite likely you never gave much thought to what happens to those containers once they age out of crossing oceans. In reality, recycled shipping containers have an incredible number of uses that have little to nothing to do [...]

Why Buy A Shipping Container?

8 Benefits You May Not Have Considered If you're thinking of purchasing a shipping container, you may be wondering what the benefits are. Is it really worth the investment? At Shipping Containers Brisbane we have years of industry experience and truly understand the value of shipping containers as a [...]

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How to Recycle Your Old Shipping Container

One of the best things about shipping containers is how eco-friendly they are. You might think that because they’re so durable, they might be hard to repurpose, but this is far from the truth. As shipping containers are found in great numbers all over the world and can be [...]

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Shipping Containers: Everything You Need to Know About These Versatile Boxes

In recent years, shipping containers have become increasingly popular as a versatile and affordable option for everything from storage to housing. But unless you’re in the industry, most people don’t know too much about them. How are they made? Are there limits for what they can be used for? [...]

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Introduction to Shipping Container Accessories

A shipping container can be much more than just a big metal box. You can use them as a storage unit, for shipping goods, or even as a home. But what kinds of shipping container accessories are available? Well, when you buy or hire with Shipping Containers Australia, your options [...]

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How to Properly Care for Your Shipping Container

Assuming you've already made the decision to invest in a shipping container, congratulations! You're on your way to reaping the many benefits that come with owning or hiring one of these multi-functional products. Here at Shipping Containers Australia, our containers and services take a lot of the hard work [...]

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40Ft Shipping Containers Mackay

If you need 40 foot shipping containers in Mackay, or anywhere else across the country, you might be hesitant when it comes to suppliers. After all, 40ft is the largest container available, so it’s not exactly the type of purchase you can easily send back in the mail without [...]

Various types of Specialized Shipping Containers

There are all types of shipping containers out there designed to transport everything from oversized machinery to dangerous chemicals. In fact, no matter what project you hope to undertake with a shipping container, there is bound to be a specialized option to suit your needs.   For example, if you [...]

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Shipping Container Removalists Near Me

Buying or hiring a shipping container can be an easy and affordable short-term answer in many circumstances. Whether you have a temporary worksite where you only need a room or storage solutions for the duration of a project, or you’re moving long distance and need the most cost effective transport [...]

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