If you need 40 foot shipping containers in Mackay, or anywhere else across the country, you might be hesitant when it comes to suppliers. After all, 40ft is the largest container available, so it’s not exactly the type of purchase you can easily send back in the mail without thinking twice. The logistics of storage and the cost of delivery can be detrimental for your business when mistakes are made, and for personal projects, this could mean going over your budget.

At Shipping Containers Mackay, our wide range of shipping containers for sale are always delivered on time. We include no hidden costs, and make sure your order is exactly as you specified, or you get your money back! We service anyone, from industrial giants in mining, energy, railway, and corporate sectors, right down to small businesses and personal projects. And with over 20 years of experience under our belts, we have industry specific knowledge in every area, so we can make sure you always get the shipping containers you need.

What are 40ft containers used for?

Made of wind water and vermin proof corrosion resistant steel, our shipping containers are ideal for transport and storage of even the most valuable cargo. As the biggest size of commercially made container, the 40ft general purpose option is genuinely preferable for large goods or bulk items. They can carry the contents of up to a 5 bedroom home, and even vehicles. However, if this still isn’t roomy enough for what you have in mind, a 40ft high cube will provide even more headroom.

Outside of shipping and storage, these vast containers are increasingly used for all kinds of personal and business purposes. For those with dreams of a tiny home, they allow for twice the living space of the standard 20ft container. For store owners, they are sizeable enough for a comfortable pop-up shop. And for remote work sites, they create weather protected shelters which are Workplace Health and Safety compliant and UV resistant. 

What types of 40ft containers are available?

Shipping Containers Mackay stock a huge range of options when it comes to loading styles. Apart from the standard general purpose and high cube shipping containers, we also have side opening, open top, and flat rack containers for all different requirements. 

The side loader makes accessing the contents of your container quick and convenient, with easy-to-use doors that open wider than other designs. This makes for easier storage of large items, without the aid of equipment. However, if your cargo is too heavy or awkward to fit through doors, an open top allows for cranes to lower objects inside. Their durable TIR approved PVC tarpaulins are anchored with heavy-duty eyelets, ensuring total weather-resistance. 

And if your cargo is too difficult to load into either of these options, our flat rack containers have completely removable sides. Big vehicles like boats, industrial machinery, and mining equipment can all be transported or stored this way, and our crew will see to it that loading is done safely and securely.

Are there specialised 40ft containers?

Not only do we supply a variety of loading types, we also do specialised containers for things like chilled and perishable goods, or dangerous materials. 40Ft insulated or refrigerated shipping containers (or ‘full reefers’ as they’re known) are ideal for transporting anything that needs to be kept at a steady temperature, or even for chilling the food and drinks at a large event. Things like gas cylinders, flammable liquids, and corrosive or toxic substances will need to be kept in certified containers that adhere to Australian Safety regulations. And here at Shipping Containers Mackay, we know all about these standards and how to ensure that you meet them.

For all uses outside of shipping and transport, our containers can also be modified to suit any purpose. From advanced locking systems, electricity, plumbing or air-conditioning, to roller doors, shelving, flooring, windows and vents, we can transform a 40ft container into anything you need. We can even install reverse osmosis water treatment, water filtration systems, and sewage treatment systems for remote worksites. You can save money on a pre-modified container or design your own from scratch.

Who offers the best deals to buy or hire?

With locations in Mackay and Darra, as well as 8 other locations spread out all across the country in Perth, Cairns, Adelaide, Newcastle, Gladstone, Melbourne, Townsville, and Sydney, we’ve been one of the leading suppliers in Australia and Southeast Asia for over 20 years. This is why we’re able to offer some of the most competitive prices on the market, for the most high quality containers in the industry. And because we’re so spread out, our delivery method usually takes less than 24 hours, no matter where you are!

Prices depend on size, condition, and location, but you may be surprised to find that a second-hand 40ft container from Shipping Containers Mackay can start at just a few thousand dollars, including GST. Along with 20 foot and 40 foot specialised containers, our range also includes general purpose containers in 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft 20ft and 40ft.

So no matter what you have in mind, just let us know in as much detail as possible, and we can provide a free accurate quote to get you started. For the best deals on the best containers, call our toll free number on 1800 006 162.