There are all types of shipping containers out there designed to transport everything from oversized machinery to dangerous chemicals. In fact, no matter what project you hope to undertake with a shipping container, there is bound to be a specialized option to suit your needs.  

For example, if you want to transport a car, there are large shipping containers outfitted specifically for safe, secure vehicle transportation. And with the right shipping container supplier, this service will include features like ramps and winches to make loading and unloading cars easier, with fully insured experts to help you out. 

Types of specialized shipping containers include: 

  • Sizing and loading options

Most specialized containers come in 20 and 40 ft options, but some come in other sizes like 10 ft, so you will need to discuss your specific requirements with experts. 40 feet standardized shipping containers are great for bulk cargo. However, when you want to transport cargo via intermodal shipping, iso standards and weight restrictions may make smaller containers more cost-effective.

Loading options ensure that no matter what you need to store or transport, there is always a way. These include flat rack, with removable sides in case cargo is too bulky or awkwardly sized for standard double doors, open top for cargo that can be lowered in via crane (with a convertible top made of tarpaulin to keep it weather sealed), and high cube for tall wares and extra overhead room. There are also containers called ‘swap bodies’ which aren’t transported via ship as they cannot be stacked, but minimise fuel costs for rail and truck travel.

  • Insulated or refrigerated containers

Another type of specialized shipping container is the refrigerated container, which is used to transport temperature sensitive cargo like food and pharmaceuticals. Refrigerated containers come equipped with their own cooling system, so the cargo stays at a consistent temperature during transit. For transporting goods that are perishable, this is the best way to guarantee they remain fresh over long distances

These can also come in handy as stationary cold rooms for worksites, or for the temporary chilling of catering goods at events. As they have a motor, they will need a power source to run, so if you need less regulated temperature control you may prefer the power free insulated or thermal option.

  • Dangerous goods, explosive magazines, and training containers

Then there are a range of modified containers for specialized requirements. These include purpose-built containers that make use of their sturdy construction to provide safety for specific workplace hazards, like carrying dangerous materials. With special fittings to prevent leaks as well as bunded floors, release valves, air vents and internal safety handles, a trustworthy supplier will provide dangerous goods containers that are fully compliant with Australian safety standards.

The same can be said for explosive magazine containers, which provide the perfect storage units to maintain workplace safety. Shipping container training or simulation containers are built to emulate structures and scenarios that a mining or emergency worker may encounter on the job. Helping to prepare workers with abseil exercise possibilities and various entry points, these containers can be very helpful and cost effective solutions for worksites.

  • Worksite facility containers

Those who have worksites in remote locations can get all of their various facilities installed without the high construction costs. They can purchase from a selection of pre-modified containers, hire for temporary or seasonal needs, or design their own facilities with specialized fittings. 

Modified containers that every worksite can benefit from include ablution blocks, (with all the necessary plumbing and sewage systems), site offices with air conditioning, lunch room containers with fully functional kitchenettes and seating, change rooms with lockers and private stalls, or first aid rooms to ensure sick or injured workers have all the onsite emergency treatments they need.

  • Containers for accommodation and business

Modified containers for accommodation range from employee overnight housing in remote worksites, to home expansion options, hobby studios, and even fully outfitted tiny homes. The benefits of using shipping containers in these ways include cost-effectiveness, stackable containers to save space, and mobility. For those who’d like a mobile home with a more permanent feel than a trailer, or for anyone hoping to rent out an extra room on their property, this could be the way to go.

They’re also viable business solutions, as they make secure, weatherproof portable workstations, as well as pop up business fronts. A shipping container can be modified with all the fixings of a small restaurant, cafe, bar, or other kiosk.

Our range at Shipping Containers Australia

Of course, these are just a few examples of the many different types of specialized shipping containers out there. So if you need to transport something outside the realm of standard shipping, let us help you to find the right type of container for the job. 

At Shipping Containers Australia, no job is too big or too small for our expert team. As leaders in the industry, we service huge commercial brands right down to individuals with personal projects. So, if you need guidance on specialized shipping containers, choose an Australian owned and operated company that guarantees top quality, affordable prices, delivery in as little as 24 hours, and unbeatable customer service. Just call 1800 006 162 if you have any questions, or fill in our free instant quote form online.