From large events to worksites, there are plenty of places that benefit from ablution blocks. However, usually if there’s a call for one, it’s necessary. Patrons, guests or workers who attend a site for long periods of time cannot be expected to go without.

This can be tricky in such circumstances as remote worksites, or worksites that frequently shift locations. In many cases, a simple portable toilet won’t cut it, but other options can be excessively expensive. This is where the option of an affordable and mobile shipping container bathroom could make things much easier.

Buy pre-modified, or customise yourself

With the help of one of the country’s leading manufacturers, Shipping Containers Australia, you can shop from a range of premade ablution blocks, or customise your own.

Standard sizes come in 10 foot, 20 foot, and 40 foot, so depending on your needs, you could have a single wash station, or an entire toilet and shower block, all with expertly fitted plumbing and furnishings.

And if you have special requirements, no worries. Shipping Containers Australia have the largest modification centre in the country, allowing for largescale customisations like concert stages or holiday retreats, all the way down to fully functional tiny homes. So, whether you need particular fittings, or just want to buy a ready-made facility at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction, this company has you covered.

Possible modifications include: urinals showers, flooring, shelving, doors, windows, paintwork, change tables, lockers, air conditioning, lighting, electrical fittings, and plenty more.

Ablution block shipping containers

Enjoy all the benefits of mobility

One of the best qualities of a shipping container ablution block is its portability. If you’ve spent the last year struggling with insufficient facilities, or managing the hiring of portable toilets, why not make this year easier on yourself and those around you.

Built to facilitate the easiest possible transport of large quantities, a shipping container ablution block is resilient, and well protected from the elements. No matter where you put it, it’s built to protect whatever it holds. Perfect for rough climates, whether out in the desert or in the snow, this one-off investment is guaranteed to last.

And whenever you need to change locations, it can easily be moved using a tilt tray, or with the help of Shipping Container Australia’s reliable, expert delivery services. It’s something you can cross off your list of concerns when setting up your new site, or if you’re starting a whole new project, you can always repurpose your shipping container with new modifications.

Buy or hire with Shipping Containers Australia

There are a wide range of pre-modified shipping containers to choose from if you would like to hire an ablution block from Shipping Containers Australia. This option is great for temporary or seasonal businesses who need to provide facilities for their employees. It’s also very cost effective, with extremely competitive prices.

You can hire for as long as you like, or alternatively you can buy at some of the best rates on the market. Either way, Shipping Containers Australia can provide as much guidance and assistance as you need.

From planning out modifications, to delivering across any kind of terrain, Shipping Containers Australia have you covered. Trusted by big names such as Coca Cola and Qantas, there is no more reliable service when it comes to shipping containers. No matter where you are in Australia, receive comprehensive service and speedy, stress-free delivery.

Make 2022 easier with your own mobile ablution block. Check out the galleries at for inspiration, use the contact form for a free quote, or call 1800 006 162 with any inquiries!