Shipping containers are becoming more and more common outside of their intended purpose. Far from being confined to use on the back of a shipping vessel, they can now be seen frequently on land as homes, offices, pop-up shops and more. Just why are shipping container homes so popular? Are they a worthwhile option for creating a home?

What Is A Shipping Container Home?

A shipping container home is a dwelling that is constructed using shipping containers. These containers are modified to be fit for habitation through the addition of windows, doors, electrical wiring, insulation and more. Shipping containers can be connected to create homes with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas as well as quality kitchens and bathrooms – just like a home built from more traditional materials.

Why Choose A Shipping Container Home?

Unlike a standard home, shipping container homes offer a few added benefits such as:

  • They’re eco-friendly as they recycle existing materials.
  • They expedite the building process as they’re prefabricated. Some homes can be completed in a matter of weeks!
  • They can cost significantly less to build than a standard home.
  • They’re incredibly durable.
  • They can be mobile if required.
  • Are infinitely customisable.
  • They’re modular and easy to extend on if desired in future.

There are so many great reasons to repurpose shipping containers as a new home. As they are more unusual building materials, it is recommended to seek experienced, professional advice before undertaking a new build.

At Shipping Containers, we stock a wide range of both new and used shipping containers for sale. We offer support for modifications through our talented team of designers that can help you create your dream home.

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