As the global shortage of shipping containers has led to market pricing reaching all-time highs, consumers are becoming vulnerable to offers of low priced containers. As a reputable supplier to the Australian market, Shipping Containers Pty Ltd’s good name and reputation in the market is being tarnished.  We are aware that other creditable suppliers are also being targeted.

These scams are predominantly conducted online via social media platforms and fraudulent “look-alike” websites using our Intellectual Property, offering products identical to those offered by Shipping Containers Pty Ltd and others.

By offering exceptionally low prices they hope to sell containers that will never be delivered.

Shipping Containers Pty Ltd and affected industry peers have alerted relevant authorities in an attempt to stop this activity as soon as possible. We are also looking to enforce our international IP rights with the global internet community. The sites are typically registered and hosted outside of Australia.

Container fraud is new in Australia but has a long history overseas.  Aside from advertising through social media platforms and look-alike websites scams are often perpetrated through email marketing campaigns.

If the price looks too good to be true then it is almost certainly a scam.

As a bone fide Australian company, you can deal with us in confidence!  We stand behind our product and you have the added protection of Australian Consumer Law.

Known Shipping Container Scams

Note: The businesses and names below may be real businesses and people whose identities are being used by scammers.

Scammer business name Scammer agent name Phone ABN
Container Pty Ltd / Containersalesau Trent Isaac 02 8091 1463 38 122 373 979 David Flynn 02 8091 5519 (displayed as 0280 915 519) 38 122 373 979 Adam Baker 02 6172 0669 38 122 373 979 Ash Peter 02 8007 5320 38 122 373 979
A & L Shipping Containers Paul Henry 08 6102 0588 34 150 597 989
Whitehorse Towing Kevin Riseley 03 9018 5771
07 5641 1931
30 006 114 941
Titan Shipping Containers
(not to be confused with Titan Containers) 04 889 2875 38 122 373 979
Anders Containers
Monto Containers