If you’re considering the increasingly popular container home as your new abode, you may be wondering how safe they are. So are shipping containers safe? Are there things to watch out for before committing to build or buy a shipping container home?

Are Shipping Container Homes Safe?

The good news is that shipping containers are virtually indestructible. Created to withstand enormously heavy loads both within and when stacked, they are structurally very sound. This makes them ideal for areas that are at risk of natural disasters such as bushfires, cyclones or earthquakes. Want a personal bunker or doomsday shelter? They’re ideal for that too!

Any safety concerns are usually more linked with how they have been modified to create a livable space. Be sure to watch out for:

  • Container homes that are uninsulated. When not properly insulated, this can lead to issues surrounding heating and cooling as well as fire safety ratings.
  • Improper preparation. Simply welding together some old rusty containers is never going to be safe. Containers used for home construction need to be treated for rust and checked for cracks or significant damage prior to use.
  • Inadequate ventilation. As with any home, container homes need to have ample light and ventilation to keep the oxygen and moisture levels inside at safe levels. Too little air and light and you’re likely to have issues with mould or poor oxygen circulation.
  • Poor construction. Containers are designed to be structurally sound, but cut the wrong place or remove an essential element of the design and you could compromise its safety.

Need Help?

If you are planning to modify containers for living or workspace and need guidance, the experts at Shipping Containers can help. We sell a wide range of new and used containers and have designers that specialise in container modification to support you towards a safe container home.

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