If you’ve ever considered modifying a shipping container into a home, office or cafe, you may have wondered about possible safety risks. More specifically, about shipping containers and lightning. Afterall, we all know metal objects and lightning don’t mix – so what does this mean for container safety?

Do Containers Attract Lightning?

In short, no, containers do not attract lightning. However metal is a great conductor of electricity – metal provides a path for lightning to follow. However, more often than not the height of a structure plays a larger role in whether or not it will be struck by lightning. The taller the structure the more likely it will be struck.

Should your container be struck by lightning, however unlikely, you will remain safe as the electricity will follow the container to the ground where the earth will absorb the impact. If your container is installed in such a way that it does not sit directly on the Earth, it is recommended to ground it via other means to increase safety. This will also help to protect the internal contents and wiring of your container in the event of a strike also.

It is recommended not to stand close to the exterior of the container or touch the metal surface (internal or external) during a period of lightning strikes regardless of any earthing safety measures.

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