A shipping container can be much more than just a big metal box. You can use them as a storage unit, for shipping goods, or even as a home. But what kinds of shipping container accessories are available?

Well, when you buy or hire with Shipping Containers Australia, your options are endless. From solar panels to security cameras, there’s an accessory for almost everything.

So if you’re looking to make your container even more versatile, read on!

  • Custom Doors

Most standard shipping containers have large double doors to ease the process of loading and unloading bulky cargo. However, sometimes these aren’t enough for the task at hand. If needed, extra single or double doors can be added at the opposite end of the container, or on the side.

But if the container is intended to be a stationary room or workspace, personal access doors are far more convenient. These can be standard or heavy duty, with deadlocks or push bars depending on your requirements. They can also be flush fit to preserve insulation.

For other ways to open and close your container, you might consider a roller door for facilities like storage sheds.

  • Custom Windows

For site offices, business fronts, or accommodation, windows are often a necessary addition. Our standard options are double panelled sliding windows, but there are also service window solutions, or shuttered windows for protecting the glass during travel.

Security bars can easily be added if you’re concerned about break ins. Welded securely to the frame, these grills offer heavy duty protection for all your container’s contents.

  • Shelving and Flooring

No matter what you intend to use your container for, shelving optimises the storage space inside and saves you time on organisation. With fixed shelving of up to 4 tiers, or heavy duty shelving for weighty or dangerous goods, this is one way to make the most out of any sized container.

Likewise, flooring can be important for both storage/transport and comfort/aesthetic purposes. When loading and unloading cargo regularly, vinyl flooring protects the bottom of your container from damage. For living spaces, you may prefer floating floorboards, carpet, grip paint, or something else.

  • Workspace solutions

Shipping containers make extremely convenient workspaces. Whether you’d like a home studio to focus on your hobby or a mobile workshop for your business, choose the perfect layout to maximise productivity.

Workbenches come in light or heavy duty, for everything from arts and crafts to woodwork. Fixed desks can be custom-made in any length, and bulkhead walls are perfect for creating private nooks. These come in steel or insulated panels, and can also be fitted with doors.

  • Electrical Systems

Workshops often need power outlets to charge tools, and if your container is destined to become a tiny home, office room, or restaurant front, it will of course need functional lighting! Additional power outlets can be fitted wherever you need them, as well as any electrical appliance accessories, such as phone and data outlets.

Even if you only intend to use a shipping container for storage, a single or double fluorescent light can make your job much easier when loading or unloading in poor visibility.

  • Solar Panels

Another popular accessory for powering a shipping container is solar panels. Solar panels can be used to power lights, computers, and other electronic devices. They’re a great way to keep your shipping container running even when there’s no electricity available.

  • Plumbing for Facilities

Another amenity to consider for shipping container facilities is plumbing. For lunch rooms on rural worksites or any form of accommodation, Shipping Containers Australia installs entire kitchenettes for your convenience. For ablution blocks or mobile houses, we can just as easily incorporate toilets, showers, sinks, and hot water systems.

As for sewage systems, a container can either be connected to preexisting outlets, or serviced with a bunded sump. This ensures safe, hygienic sewage collection.

  • Air Conditioners

If you’re looking to keep your shipping container cool in the summer months, an air conditioner is the perfect solution. In fact, on some rural worksites, they could end up being a life saver.

Give your workers a cool break room to retreat to, or save your delicate equipment from overheating. They can even be used to air condition your shipping container in the winter months.

  • Security Options

One popular security option for shipping containers is a security lock box. These lock boxes are fitted with steel housing to prevent any would-be burglars from using bolt cutters on your padlock.

You may also consider having security cameras installed. Whether your container will be situated in a high-crime area, or you’d just like to monitor the activity on your worksite, security cameras are great for deterring burglars as well as ensuring workplace safety.

  • Paint Jobs

Here at Shipping Containers Australia, paint jobs range from custom designs and re-paints, to branded signage. Sometimes, buying or hiring a second hand container can be very cost-effective, but one way to make them look brand new is with a fresh coat of paint. Pick a standard colour to suit your property, or go for something unique.

When it comes to shipping, many companies use signage to get double the use out of their shipping containers – not only to transport long distance but to advertise their products en route. We use weather proof branding to make sure your container really stands out.

Other accessories we offer include whirlybirds and vents to reduce heat build up, CSC plating to meet rail standards, ramps and gantry systems for heavy cargo loading, and corner castings for different connectors (such as twist locks).

When it comes to our container accessories, your imagination really is the limit! Hopefully this list has given you some inspiration, but if you have any questions, just ask our expert team on 1800 006 162.