Where to Buy Shipping Containers in Logan?

If you’re transporting goods, in need of storage space, or considering a shipping container for any other personal or commercial project, you may be wondering where to shop. A shipping container might seem like a daunting purchase, with its size and price tag demanding some extra consideration when it comes to choosing the right seller, but when you buy from a trusted company, you have a lot to gain; although independent sellers offer bargains, you may end up missing out on a guarantee of quality that you deserve with such a big investment, and probably won’t have many options to choose from.

What Kind of Shipping Container Will I Need?

With Shipping Containers Brisbane, the options are endless.

Our sizes come in 10, 20, and 40 ft, with options like open top, side opening, high cube, flat rack or general purpose. But if you’re not sure which option your project requires, you don’t have to concern yourself; our experienced manufacturers specialise in modifying containers for all kinds of purposes, and can tell you exactly what kind of container is best for the job!

There are also refrigerated and insulated options if you plan to ship or store any frozen or chilled goods. And for all other purposes, our list of modifications is 40ft long! Windows, doors, flooring, shelving, electrical installation, paint jobs, and even bathrooms or kitchens, are all possible additions with Shipping Containers Brisbane.

Who are Shipping Containers Brisbane?

As a 100% Australian owned company with depots in every capital city, Shipping Containers Brisbane offer the quality and service you won’t find with independent sellers. Every container we sell or hire has been built to last and thoroughly inspected, and with work ethic like this, we’ve gained the trust of big companies like Boral, BHP, Coca Cola and Qantas. But we also love to help with small scale, personal projects, and can guarantee satisfaction every time.

With fair, fixed prices, and delivery under 24 hours, Shipping Containers Brisbane makes the process simple. So call us today on (07) 3198 6697 or fill out our instant quote form to get started!