If you are looking for the ideal storage solution or cost-effective shipping method for long distances, a shipping container could be the solution you’re after. At Shipping Containers, we offer a variety of container types for both sale and hire at affordable prices paired with exceptional customer service.

Regardless of whether you need a container for storage or transportation or a complete modification, we’re the friendly team you can trust.

Types Of Shipping Containers

40 foot containers for sale australia

Shipping containers are available in a variety of sizes including 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot and for any number of purposes. You can choose from:

  • General-purpose shipping containers.
  • Refrigerated shipping containers.
  • Dangerous goods shipping containers.
  • High cube shipping containers.
  • Side opening shipping containers.
  • Insulated shipping containers.
  • Open top (hard and soft) shipping containers.
  • Flat rack shipping containers.
  • Double door shipping containers and
  • Bolster shipping containers.

At Shipping Containers we have access to a range of new and second-hand containers. We work to suit every budget and only stock shipping containers for sale that meet our exceptionally high standards for quality.

We thoroughly check all used containers for damage, rust, structural issues or similar before reselling them, guaranteeing our customers the best possible options. Not all containers can be successfully modified and for shipping, likewise, your container must meet the international standards required for its contents.

Our extensive experience in this industry means you can rely on us to give you accurate information regarding which container suits your needs – eliminating issues down the line.

Not quite ready to buy? Should you decide that hiring is a better option for your needs, we can happily assist with this also.

Uses For Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have a huge number of possible uses that go well beyond their original intended purpose. Sure they are ideal for safely shipping goods over vast distances or storing items, but they can also be used in a diverse number of settings. When modified, shipping containers may also be used for:

  • Pop up shops and cafes
  • Backyard studios
  • Full house builds
  • Site offices
  • Bathroom facilities at events or job sites
  • Tiny house living
  • Classrooms
  • Airbnb rentals
  • Portable storage
  • Pools (they are completely watertight)
  • Granny flats
  • Gyms
  • Greenhouses
  • Portable medical facilities
  • Saunas
  • Stacked apartment blocks and more!

The team at Shipping Containers have years of experience in helping our customers modify and repurpose shipping containers. Repurposing containers is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution that creates diverse spaces that are both practical and visually appealing.

Our extensive network of trusted contacts includes engineers and designers who specialise in the modification of shipping containers. This means that should you be buying a shipping container in 2022 with the intention to repurpose it, we can support you from start to finish. This level of service is unavailable with other container providers and sets us apart as the premier choice.

How To Buy A Shipping Container

Buying a shipping container shouldn’t be complicated or frustrating. At Shipping Containers we’ve streamlined and simplified the process. We work by talking through your needs, ensuring we understand exactly what you intend to use the container for and matching you with the right option.

The cost of your chosen container will come down to a few factors such as its age, condition and size. This is why we recommend speaking with our experts rather than shopping online, sight unseen to ensure you get exactly what you need at a fair price.

We handle all the paperwork and deliver Australia wide. This ensures that no matter where you are located, you can reap the benefits of dealing with Australia’s premier shipping container provider.

If you’re simply wanting to request a quote or secure a shipping container as quickly and painlessly as possible, we’re here to help.

Call The Experts

At Shipping Containers we have years of experience in the shipping container industry. We know what makes a great container and have the necessary contacts to source exactly what our customers need. We will never stock or sell damaged, unsafe containers that are better suited for retirement.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding containers for a variety of purposes paired with customer service that is second to none. Our head office is located in Australia and staffed by a local team experienced in all aspects of the shipping industry.

For super fast turn-arounds and hassle-free purchasing of shipping containers in 2022 from anywhere in Australia, contact Shipping Containers today on 1800 006 162.