Are you searching for shipping containers for sale in Australia? Worried about finding a good quality container at an affordable price? Shipping Containers offers a huge range of new and second-hand shipping containers for purchase or hire.

As leaders in the industry, we are here to help make the process of finding and buying the correct container for your needs easier than ever. From selecting your container, through to delivery, safe-placement and collection post-hire, we do it all.

Types Of Containers We Sell

Our extensive range of 10ft,  20ft and 40ft containers includes both new and second-hand options. Should you require only a short term use, hiring may be the more cost-effective choice and is something we can facilitate also.

Choose from:

  • General-purpose shipping containers.
  • Refrigerated shipping containers.
  • Dangerous goods shipping containers.
  • High cube shipping containers.
  • Side opening shipping containers.
  • Insulated shipping containers.
  • Open top (hard and soft) shipping containers.
  • Flat rack shipping containers.
  • Double door shipping containers and
  • Bolster shipping containers.

While the majority of containers are available to hire, some kinds are reserved for purchase only. Should you be unsure about which container is best suited to your needs or whether to hire or buy, our dedicated team will be able to advise on this and give you honest feedback.

Every one of our containers, new or old are guaranteed to be high quality and fit for purpose. We will never stock or sell containers that have been retired due to damage or problems from rust, leaking or similar.

Should you wish to buy a shipping container that has already been modified or prepared for modifications, please speak with our team as we can readily assist with this also.

Uses For Shipping Containers

Containers for sale in australia

Being both wind and watertight, shipping containers have several uses beyond simple cargo containers. Shipping containers are incredibly durable and exceedingly versatile, making them an ideal option for repurposing.

More and more they are being used for intelligent projects such as conversion into a backyard studio, unique accommodation, portable site offices, pop up cafes and stores, bathroom facilities, container homes and so much more.

Increasingly, containers are being repurposed as an eco-friendly and sustainable option for affordable and unique housing. Wish you had a pool but have neither the space nor budget for a traditional set-up? Shipping containers are perfect for this too as they are completely watertight.

Thanks to their solid cargo-worthy construction, containers can be modified with ease. As part of our exceptional customer service Shipping Containers also works alongside trusted engineers who are conversion experts. Discuss your modification ideas and learn just how much you can achieve with our custom conversion and modification services.

How Much Does A Shipping Container Cost?

Wondering how much a container will cost to purchase? The cost to buy or hire a shipping container will vary based on several factors including:


Available in three main sizes,10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers will be priced according to their length. The bigger the container, the higher the price, a high-cube container that extends above the standard height is also likely to cost more.


A general-purpose container is at the lower end of cost, a speciality container that is insulated or refrigerated is of course going to have added costs associated. These containers are purpose-built and utilise high-quality materials and add ons such as compressors.


A significantly aged container that is no longer fit for cargo shipping will always be at a lower price point than a brand new one that has never been used. Much like a used car, shipping containers and priced commensurate with their age and overall condition.


Features that may alter the price of a shipping container include whether it is side opening, high-cube, insulated, refrigerated, open-top and more. While all our containers will feature the same high-quality condition, they will each be priced with specific features in mind also.

When dealing with our team of experts we can ensure that you are matched with the best possible container to meet both your needs and budget.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Shipping Container?

If buying a new container, you can expect it to last around 25 years or so. While most containers are retired from sea voyaging at around 10-12 years old, they still have many years of life left in them.

Caring For Your Shipping Container

Properly maintaining and caring for your container is one of the best ways to protect your investment and ensure it has a long lifespan. Our top tips for looking after your shipping container include:

Placing the container on level ground and on top of some railroad sleepers or concrete blocks. The reason for this is that it ensures no water pools beneath the container and leads to corrosion and also allows the doors to swing freely.

Greasing the hinges, regular lubrication will keep the hinges from seizing up and will allow the doors to open and close with ease.

Regularly clearing the roof of debris. While a container can take multiple other containers stacked on top of it, this is reliant on the frame to carry the weight.

The centre of the container’s roof is significantly less strong than its corners or frame and needs to be cleared of weighty leaf litter or debris to ensure it does not buckle or corrode.

Replace door seals as needed. One of the only perishable components of a shipping container is the rubber door seal. These will need to be checked and replaced if they begin to break down as this ensures the container remains watertight.

What To Look For When Buying A Shipping Container

Before settling on a container it is recommended to undertake a thorough inspection of it. To be  sure you are buying a container that is fit for purpose and that will last you for many years to come, you should be checking for:

  • Any holes in the container. Do this by stepping inside and completely closing the door. If there are holes present in the container you will see sunlight shining through.
  • Working doors and locking mechanisms. This will be especially important if you are buying the container for storage, less so if you are going to modify the containers and remove the doors.
  • Any creases or dents in the roof that may collect water. These imperfections can eventually turn into a rust spot or worse, a hole.
  • Repairs or patching that has been done to the container. Any repairs, much like a car, should not intersect with the main structure or frame of the container as this will compromise its overall strength.

Why Shop With Us?

When you elect to start your search for a shipping container for sale with us, you are choosing to work with the best. At Shipping Containers we pride ourselves on the quality of our containers and the exceptional customer service we provide.

If you are unfamiliar with the shipping industry and are feeling daunted at the prospect of buying or hiring a container, we can help put you at ease. Our deduction extends well beyond your initial purchase and we will happily offer additional assistance or answer your queries at any time.

For a stress-free, streamlined process for buying a shipping container, the team at  Shipping Containers should be your first and only call. Contact us today on 1800 006 162 to learn more.