Moving house is arguably one of the worst jobs there is. It is also messy, stressful and expensive. One way to reduce stress and make life easier during a move is to use a shipping container. Shipping container removals make packing, moving and unpacking a breeze. Need your things to stay in storage for some time? Your very own shipping container makes for the perfect portable storage solution.

Why Move With A Shipping Container?

Imagine just packing your belongings at your leisure into a container. The container is then collected and delivered to the nominated address where you unpack with ease. No rushed game of Tetris trying to fit all the contents in for fear of expensive hourly removalist rates. No expensive storage hire. Just the ideal pack and port solution that works around your timing and needs. Other benefits include:

  • Better security than traditional truck moves
  • Less chance of damaged items as you can take your time packing things in carefully
  • You’re on your own time and can flex your move to suit your schedule with ease
  • Less expensive than hiring a truck and removalists, saving you money

Why Choose Us For Your Move?

At Shipping Containers we are the leading suppliers of shipping containers and storage containers in Australia. We offer short and long term hire at competitive rates and with reasonable transport fees. All our containers are well maintained and available in a range of sizes and for multiple purposes. Whether its a standard house move, cold storage moves, ventilated storage and more – we’ve got you covered.

Our flexible arrangements mean you can move stress-free, with the ability to extend your rental or even buy a container for long term storage if needed. We work with you to find the ideal solution for your move.

If you’re ready to move the smart and stress-free way, contact Shipping Containers today on 1800 006 162.