If you’re considering purchasing a shipping container, you’ve no doubt wondered ‘what does a shipping container cost?’ The answer is not always straightforward with a number of factors needing to be taken into account.

Type Of Container

The cost of your container will vary largely depending on the type of container you wish to purchase and the size of the container. Age and condition will also come into play when determining cost.

There are many types of container such as:

  • General-purpose containers (in various sizes)
  • High cube containers
  • Dangerous goods containers
  • Insulated containers
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Open top or side opening containers.

In general, the newer, larger or more high tech the container, the more expensive it will be. With a growing trend for modified containers, you may find that even a basic container is harder to come by at a competitive price.

These days containers are for more than cargo, being modified into home offices, greenhouses, homes, sheds, portable cafes, pools, unique stores and much, much more.

Choosing A Container

The first step in choosing the right container is to determine what you intend to use it for and what your budget is. Should you be intending to use it as storage or to modify it for another purpose, an older and less expensive container may be suitable.

Conversely, should you intend to ship goods ongoing over long distances or refrigerate them in your container, it will be important to purchase a quality container in excellent condition.

At Shipping Containers, we have a wide range of new, used and refurbished containers available for purchase. Should you only need a container for short-term use, we also offer quality containers for hire.

For all your shipping container needs and for advice regarding which container is best suited for you, contact Shipping Containers today on 1800 006 162.