We see shipping containers all over the world, in ports, on freight trains and on the back of trucks. Most of these began their life in China where more than 95% of the world’s shipping containers are made. We know where they are made, but what about how a shipping container is made?

Manufacturing Steps

To begin with, the sheets that make up the exterior of the container are cut from a large roll of steel. Then:

  • These sheets are then sandblasted to remove any rust or contaminants before being primed.
  • The sheets are then corrugated to enhance their overall strength.
  • Roof panels and braces, also made from steel are then welded together with the wall panels. Square tubing is also welded to the top of the walls.
  • Following this, the floor is constructed using the pre-prepared panels.
  • During this time the door and corner post assembly are being separately prepared.
  • Once the floor is complete, the door assembly is welded on, followed by the walls.
  • When done, the roof is then assembled and welded into place on top of the container.
  • The container is then primed again, painted and flooring varnished ready for installation.
  • When the floor has been fully installed, holes are then drilled for floor panels to be secured.
  • All final hardware is installed such as door handles, twist locks and bridge fittings as well as rubber seals for water tightness.
  • Final testing is done to ensure compliance with regulations and a water tightness test is done.
  • The container is finished and ready for use!

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